The McGregor Clinic and our providers strongly recommend you speak with your provider about being vaccinated as soon as possible.

Click here to find out where and how to get your COVID-19 vaccine.


For free or discounted Uber or Lyft rides to vaccine locations click the icons below.





Telehealth appointments via Doxy.Me are still available with your provider, please ask for a virtual visit when scheduling your next appointment if this is your preferred method of care. 

COVID-19 Testing

Visit to order your convenient and free at-home PCR test kit. 

How is The McGregor Clinic keeping you safe?

We have installed air-purifiers, plexiglass partitions, and new employee/client screening and distancing measures for your continued safety. Click here for a word from our own Dr. Douglas Brust.

When will The McGregor Clinic offer the COVID-19 vaccine?

The short answer is, we will not be offering it. The requirements for COVID-19 vaccination sites require access to the entire community. As The McGregor Clinic is a specialized care facility only serving the adult (ages 18, and older) HIV+ community, we do not meet the criteria. If anything changes, we will be sure to let our clients know. 

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