HIV Case Management


Ryan White Case Management

The federal Ryan White Care Act provides health care for people with
HIV disease. Enacted in 1990, it fills gaps in care faced by those with
low incomes and little or no insurance. The McGregor Clinic provides services under Ryan White Part B and Part C.

Eligibility for the Ryan White Program is based on family size and
income up to a maximum of 400% of the federal poverty level. Clients are
screened for eligiblity every six months by providing proof of the

Proof of Income

Client’s income must be documented for the past three months. If the client is married or has other situation that dictates the same (i.e. dependent children, claimed as dependent on taxes, etc.) then documentation of the spouse or significant other’s income must also be verified. Income may be verified by:

  • Pay stubs covering the last three months
  • SSI/SSDI award letter(s)
  • A signed letter from an employer on company letterhead documenting income for the prior three months
  • Unemployment benefits award letter
  • Documentation of any other income

Proof of Living in Florida

We are required by program guidelines to verify that a client is living in Florida, and intends to receive medical care in Florida. Acceptable documentation includes:

  • Florida driver’s license or I.D.
  • Tax bill or utility bill (electric bill in the client’s name – phone bills are not acceptable)
  • Homestead documentation
  • Copy of most recent federal income tax form showing the client’s Florida address as primary

Proof of HIV Status

This was, or will be done at the time of the initial intake and labs. Nothing further is required.

Additional Information Needed

As the payer of last resort, the program also must verify the
client is not eligible for other private or public funds to cover their
care. The following items are needed on a case-by-case basis. Note that
ineligibility for a program due to a failure to complete the application
process automatically makes the client ineligible for the Ryan White

  • Medicaid eligibility/ineligibility
  • Disability status determination
  • Verification of no employer-sponsored health insurance availability
  • A signed letter from a family member or a friend confirming that
    you have no income and that you rely on them for your room and board. Address must be listed on the letter as well.