McGregor Clinic Celebrates 20 Years of Changing Lives - 11/6/19; Wink News, Melinda Lee & Derrick Shaw

The McGregor clinic in Fort Myers is celebrating 20 years of changing lives in Southwest Florida.

The clinic says it serves more than 1,100 patients with HIV.

Director Sharon Murphy says, “There aren’t a lot of people that get to work their passion, and I get to do that every day, and that’s all I can say” (click link above for video and full article).

HIV patient helps others living with incurable virus through McGregor Clinic - 9/17/19; Wink News, Melinda Lee & Lincoln Saunders 

Marissa Gonzalez knows what it feels like to be told the news that “you have HIV,” and she sat down with WINK News to share the life changing resources she wants people to know about.

We Get the Latest on HIV Treatment and Prevention - Click here to listen to WGCU broadcast.