The McGregor Clinic put clients first and to help the whole individual by providing evidence-based primary medical care for persons living with HIV/AIDS in Bonita Springs, FL. Medical staff, laboratory services, case management services as well as a food pantry and clothes closet are all under one roof so you can see your doctor, get your prescriptions, meet with your case manager, and leave with food and clothing for yourself and family, all during the same visit.

The McGregor Clinic focuses on the HIV/AIDS community, so you know that you’ll receive the best, individualized care in the area.

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HIV Treatment in Bonita Springs

As a private health care clinic serving Bonita Springs, FL, The McGregor Clinic is dedicated to providing an integrated and holistic approach for our patients. Our commitment to you and the community is never-ending as we find new and innovative ways to bring you treatments for HIV that are cutting edge and proven to work.

If you are a person living with HIV, or may suspect you have it, you need to know the treatment options that are available. At the McGregor Clinic, our priority is putting our clients first. We accomplish this by giving each client the best medical care for those looking for treatment for HIV.

The Basics for HIV Treatment in Bonita Springs

If you have been diagnosed with HIV, you may have many questions. There are terms to know, HIV treatment options to familiarize yourself with, and many things to know about taking medication.

The treatment for HIV is called antiretroviral therapy (ART). ART is all about taking a combination of HIV medicines every day. ART therapy is recommended for anyone who has HIV. You should begin taking medicine as soon as possible. Treatments for HIV will not cure you, but they can help you live a longer and healthier life.

One of the main goals of HIV treatment is to reduce a person’s viral load to an undetectable level. This means that the level of HIV in the blood is too low to be detected by a viral load test. Once you reach an undetectable level, you have no risk of transmitting HIV to HIV-negative partners through sex.

How Do HIV Medicines Work?

HIV attacks and destroys infection-fighting cells called CD4 cells (CD4 lymphocytes) found in the immune system. When you lose CD4 cells, it makes it harder for your body to fight off infections, as well as certain HIV-related cancers.

Treatments for HIV prevent the virus from multiplying, reducing the amount of virus in the body. Less HIV gives your body’s immune system a chance to recover and produce more CD4 cells. This also gives you a chance to fight off infections.

There are many HIV medicines available for treatment regimens. The choice of a regimen depends on each person’s individual needs. When you choose an HIV treatment regimen in Bonita Springs, you will want an HIV specialist who can walk you through your options for best results.

If you have HIV, taking HIV medicines will keep you healthy and help prevent transmission. There are side effects, but most of these are manageable. This is why it is so important to work with an HIV clinic that treats the whole individual by providing medical care based on sound evidence for those living with HIV.

HIV clinics differ, and perhaps you have worked with one already that has not given you the results you expected. Our clinic and team are here for you and all your needs. We have the medical staff, laboratory services, case management services, limited food pantry and clothes closet, all conveniently located.

When you partner with The McGregor Clinic, you will find all our comprehensive health services waiting to help you the minute you walk in. We focus exclusively on those living in the community with HIV, so you know you will receive individualized care that you can trust.

Treatment for HIV is a possibility. You will not want to delay once you know what your diagnosis is. Turn to experienced HIV specialists in the Bonita Springs area that can help give you a new lease on life. Contact us today.

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