Unlike in times past, people living with HIV are living longer and healthier lives as more treatments and medical advancements is discovered. In fact, studies show that a person with HIV can have the same life expectancy as any of their peers, provided they get diagnosed early, have access to health care, HIV medication and adhere to their HIV treatment.

The challenge is that some people are also navigating various circumstances, such as securing safe and affordable housing, food security or health insurance. This sometimes takes priority and makes adherence to treatment or getting access to proper medical treatment more difficult. That’s where HIV case managers come in.

If you recently got diagnosed with HIV and are looking for help or support, allow us to show you how HIV case management can help.

What Do HIV Case Managers Do?

When you receive an HIV diagnosis, you might feel like your life has been turned upside down and overwhelmed by everything you need to manage. That’s where an HIV case manager comes in.

They are funded by the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program of the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) can ensure you take care of your health.

How do they do this? By:
• Setting up appointments with medical practitioners and helping you keep them
• Finding affordable health insurance for you
• Helping you find safe housing
• Getting you financial aid to help with expenses
• Getting you free rides to and from appointments and more
• Helping you get counseling for substance use or mental health conditions
• Helping you get free groceries from our local food banks
• Finding HIV support groups for you to join
• Helping you get access to free medications if you qualify
• And so much more

Remember that HIV case management services are typically free of charge to you. This is if you’re low income, have no health insurance, or your insurance plan doesn’t cover all the HIV care you need.

HIV Case Management Can Help You Receive Better HIV Treatment

As mentioned earlier, you need to adhere to your medical treatment and medications to achieve better health if you are HIV-positive. However, many HIV-positive individuals end up falling off their medicines due to various factors. For example, maybe they can’t afford the medication or are too busy to pay attention to their schedule.

With an HIV case manager by your side, you have an advocate who’s constantly ensuring that you are healthy, happy, and well-taken care of, whether financially, mentally, or physically.

Visit McGregor Clinic for HIV Testing and Medical Care

If you are looking to get HIV testing or you are already HIV positive and seeking medical care, then try McGregor Clinic’s HIV case managers. We provide an integrated and holistic approach to patient and community care. Our goal is to put clients first by providing primary medical care for persons living with HIV.

We are located in the Fort Myers, Florida, area, so visit us and see how we can help you achieve better health, despite your HIV diagnosis.