About 36,130 people received an HIV diagnosis in the US within the past year. New cases have decreased by 7% between 2017 and 2021. However, only 87% of people who have HIV are aware they have it.

While HIV/AIDS treatments are available, it’s important to get tested for HIV for confirmation. Not sure if you’re comfortable with HIV testing?

Below, we discuss why HIV testing is so important for anyone that suspects they may have it.


You could have HIV and not know it, especially if you haven’t started experiencing symptoms.

It’s possible you had sex with someone who had HIV and they were unaware of it. If you didn’t use a condom, you could contract HIV.

Confirming your diagnosis right away will allow you to begin HIV treatment promptly. Consider visiting an HIV clinic in Fort Myers, FL. Visiting an HIV testing center will allow you to confirm your diagnosis.

If you don’t have HIV, you’ll find peace of mind instead.

Begin Treatment

About 650,000 people died of HIV-related illnesses worldwide within a single year. Only 190 million people received tests within a single year. If you don’t receive testing for HIV, you won’t begin HIV treatment promptly.

Getting tested will allow you to confirm your diagnosis, which will allow you to begin treatment for HIV. You can start treatment before you begin experiencing health problems.

The sooner you visit an HIV doctor, the sooner you can receive treatment from an HIV specialist.

Avoid Transmitting

If you’re unaware you have HIV, you could unintentionally transmit it to a partner.

Receiving treatment from HIV doctors can reduce the possibility of transmission. However, you should continue using condoms, even if you’ve started treatment.

Look for “free HIV testing near me” right away to find an HIV clinic in the Fort Myers area.

Receive Counseling

Consider receiving counseling while you wait for your results. Counseling can help you prepare for either outcome.

If you’re negative, you can also learn how to avoid getting HIV in the future. If you’re positive, counseling can help you find community resources. You can learn how to manage living with HIV in a healthy way.

Know Your Risk

You could be at risk of contracting HIV without realizing it. Understanding your HIV risk factors can help you avoid acquiring HIV in the future.

Since the rate of screening is low, many people don’t realize they’re already at risk.

Convenient and Inexpensive

HIV testing is easy, convenient, and inexpensive. Insurers cover HIV tests without a copayment under the Affordable Care Act.

Visit an HIV clinic in Fort Myers and ask for a free test right away. With the rapid test, results are available in under 30 minutes.

Discuss HIV Testing at an HIV Clinic

Whether or not you begin experiencing symptoms, consider visiting our Fort Myers HIV clinic for HIV testing. HIV testing can help you take the necessary actions. You can either discuss HIV treatments or learn how to avoid contracting HIV in the future.

Receive free and confidential HIV testing at our clinic today.